Diamond Aircraft: DA50 RG

Diamond Aircraft Industries held a competition to create a new paint scheme for their latest demonstrator aircraft, the DA50 RG. I entered this competition in summer of 2019. My design was chosen as the winning concept, and used on the actual final aircraft, announced in summer of 2020. Scroll on to see my work and how I took this project further by creating 3D visualisations, and of course the aircraft itself!

Multiple weeks were spent on designing a color scheme and graphics for my submission. I was inspired to create a design that was exciting and dynamic, but also with a streak of formality and elegance. This was an incredible project to be a part of – a truly one-off opportunity. My efforts lead me to being awarded first place, and the design implemented on the actual aircraft. Please have a browse at my images and how I evolved this project into a 3D realm, allowing me to further explore and visualise my design. With the help of Diamond Aircraft, this project has allowed me to make a small impression on the aviation community. As a private pilot, this is one of those few occasions where two passions meet.

To see the final DA50 RG aircraft, visit the Diamond Aircraft website to see more:


Competition submission images

The competition involved using supplied images of the aircraft as a foundation for the design. Starting with a blank white aircraft in Photoshop, I spent six weeks exploring different designs and colour schemes that could be painted across the aircraft. I researched current trends and materials, exploring the contours of the aircraft and how my design could accentuate the existing flow lines of the fuselage. My goal was to create a final concept that would appear bold, exciting but with a hint of luxury. My submission images can be seen below. These images were created using Adobe Photoshop.

Taking the DA50 RG further

Now that I had a final design, I decided to take the project to its next step outside of the submission requirements. Over a period of two months, I collected a library of images of previous example models of the aircraft, and began building the DA50 RG in 3D using Autodesk Maya. This 3D model would serve as a canvas for me to apply my design, enabling me to create fully 3D visualisations of my concept.

With the design prepared in Photoshop, the design was then applied by UV mapping, with additional details textured separately. The model was then lit and rendered using Vray render engine. Final composite was made using Adobe After Effects.

See the video by following the link


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